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Mar. 1st, 2018

kirikaze, fuma no kojiro

[Japanese Subs] Doctor X - Gekai Daimon Michiko Season 5 (2017)

Source: http://jpsubbers.web44.net/Japanese-Subtitles/

I retimed episode 1-7. Episodes 8-10 are subtitles that I found in subscene.

Episode 1-10

Jan. 7th, 2018

kirikaze, fuma no kojiro

[Japanese Subs] Doctor X - Gekai Daimon Michiko Season 4 (2016)

Source: http://jpsubbers.web44.net/Japanese-Subtitles/

I retimed the subs to fit the video version that has no ads.
Episode 2 is the only episode that I reuploaded using existing subs I found in subscene.

Ep 1 - 11

I hope it helps some people to improve their Japanese! :)

Aug. 21st, 2016

kirikaze, fuma no kojiro

[Japanese Sub] 好きな人がいること (Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto)

Source: http://jpsubbers.web44.net/Japanese-Subtitles/

I retimed the sub to fit the video version that has no ads. I notice that episode 1 has been uploaded in d-addicts. So, I will upload only the rest of the series.

Ep 01 | please check d-addicts
Ep 02 | srt ass
Ep 03 | srt
Ep 04
Ep 05
Ep 06 | srt
Ep 07 | srt
Ep 08 | srt

Mar. 24th, 2015

kirikaze, fuma no kojiro


Released Date: March 23, 2015

Track List:
01. Intro
02. PRAY *Title
03. Black Chocolate
04. BPM69
05. Do You Know Why?
06. Hey Girl
07. To The Light
08. Time To
09. 그림자
10. Please
11. 빛

Links: UB | Box

This album is an instant love for me! It's the first time since CNBLUE's Can't Stop mini album and Bon Jovi's What About Now. I love most of these bands releases, but it's still so rare for me to really like the whole album just by listening to it once.

Some people compare "PRAY" to ONE OK ROCK's songs and I kinda agree with them. It has the similar sound with OOR's releases, especially those before "The Beginning" era. I just hope that Hongki will not hurt his vocal chord with this kind of songs though.

Dec. 4th, 2014

kirikaze, fuma no kojiro

[Eng Sub] Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (6-10 of 10)

Softsubs are for Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (848x480 x264) video files.

Ep01 - Ep05 --> nikid has kindly subbed these episodes and published the files at d-addicts
Ep06 | Click here for the file.
Ep07 | Click here for the file.
Ep08 | Click here for the file.
Ep09 | Click here for the file.

Ep10 | Click here for the file.

Please link back here for sharing the subtitles. Thanks for your consideration!

Nov. 26th, 2008


[Album] John-Hoon - Kyou mo Atarashii Yume wo Miru

Album Released:
November 5, 2008


01 きれいになったね
02 君に逢いたい
03 I Say Good-bye
04 君を守りたい
05 サクラtears
06 何も言えない
07 Noise
08 地球人
09 サブリミナル
10 You Are Not Alone
11 コウル(鏡)
12 手をとって

Size: 74.36 MB

DOWNLOAD - Click here for file

Oct. 23rd, 2008

kirikaze, fuma no kojiro

[Single] John Hoon - You are not alone

Single Released:
October 1, 2008

The sixth single of John Hoon. I was not aware about this single until I saw its cover in a magazine (aww.. I am such a bad fan T.T) I haven't watched the PV yet, so I can't say much about this single. And I only have the regular edition. I hope you guys enjoy it (^.^)


   1.  You are not alone
   2. Love Letter
   3. Smile
   4. You are not alone (Instrumental)
   5. Love Letter (Instrumental)
   6. Smile (Instrumental)

Size: 36.65 MB

DOWNLOAD - Click here for the file.

Aug. 16th, 2008


[PV] John Hoon - Kimi wo Mamoritai

I love green!! <33 And there is a lot of green leaves in this PV! (^o^)

It's just the green leaves, Kim Jeong Hoon, and a girl hand! I'm spoiled with his cute face watching this PV. LOL

I love the fact that he's back with black hair. It suits him better, though he's still pretty cute with blond. But yeah, black hair makes him look cuter! >.< Oh, I can't believe he's turning 30* next year. He still looks like a 20 years old college guy~ XD

DOWNLOAD - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U927QYI0

* In Korea, the day people were born, they were already one year old. Since Kim Jeong Hoon was born on 1980, next year he will celebrate his 30th birthday (^_^)
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Aug. 15th, 2008


[Single] John Hoon - Kimi wo Mamoritai

Single Released:
July 16, 2008

This is the fifth single of Kim Jeong Hoon (John Hoon). It hit the third place on its debut day, and ended up in the fourth place for the weekly chart. The highest rank John Hoon's single ever had in oricon chart! I hope he will have a bright singing career in the future since he has such an angelic voice (^^)


   1. Kimi wo Mamoritai (君を守りたい; I want to protect you)
   2. floatin ~Hyouryuu~ (floating~漂流~; Floating ~Drifting~)
   3. Last Summer
   4. Kimi wo Mamoritai (Instrumental) (君を守りたい)
   5. floatin ~Hyouryuu~ (Instrumental) (floating~漂流~)
   6. Last Summer (Instrumental)

Size : 37.2 MB

DOWNLOAD - Click here for the file.

May. 19th, 2008

kirikaze, fuma no kojiro

[Theme] Kim Jeong Hoon/John Hoon

This is my first time making cell phone theme.. LOL

Actually I was planning on working on my graduation project. But I guess Kim Jeong Hoon is a lot more attractive than color tracking robot >< So, this is the result!! Kim Jeong Hoon SE Theme

I made this for my K770, but I think it should work for K790, K800, K810, S500, T650, W580, W830, W850, W880 as well since those phones have same theme version, resolution and number of colors.

Please comment if you are taking, so I know whether ppl like it or not ><
I hope it's not so bad for the first time =P

DOWNLOAD - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VB0W2T1W

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